Interchain Earth Program Lead Engineer

Full Time

The Interchain Earth Program

The Interchain Earth Program mission is to empower people everywhere with decentralised digital technologies for creating sustainable economies that can enable communities to prosper, regenerate the planet, and adapt to the climate crisis.

The Interchain Foundation has made a substantial multi-year funding commitment to the program, which is directly overseen by Ethan Buchman, the ICF President and Cosmos Co-Founder. 

The program is being implemented by ixo, under the direction of Dr Shaun Conway (founder of the ixo Internet of Impact), who has brought together a passionate team and collaborators from across the world. 

These are leaders at the cutting-edge of implementing real world sustainable DeFi, claims verification, DAO governance mechanisms, digital identity, and impact tokenization use cases across the world, in places which have the greatest need and opportunity to create new financial systems and sustainable local economies. 

Are you the person who is meant to lead engineering for this program?

To lead engineering research an development for the Interchain Earth Program, you will have already had significant experience working with the Cosmos SDK and of architecting distributed, consensus-driven, cryptographically secure software systems.

You will work with incredibly smart people and collaborate with a wide range of really interesting organisations and people across the world. This demands great communication, self-management, and leadership skills. 

You will become a core contributor and integral member of the developer community which is building and maintaining the Cosmos SDK.

The scope of work and technical areas relevant to this program will give you the opportunity to collaborate with other program teams across the ICF, including the Cosmos Builders Program –to increase developer capacity, the Inter-blockchain Communication (IBC) Program –to advance interoperability between blockchain networks, and with external teams who have been commissioned to build the bridges, relayers, modules and client SDK tooling for the Cosmos ecosystem. 

You will also work with the implementers and users of these technologies, to understand their requirements and pain-points. This offers an incredible opportunity for personal growth and professional achievement.

About the position

  • The position is remote, with a preference for location in UTC ±4hrs time zones.
  • Compensation is highly competitive and offers performance bonuses which are paid in ATOM and IXO tokens.
  • To apply, please complete the online application form and let us know your first available time to have an interview.

Scope of responsibilities

Lead engineering research and development for the Interchain Earth Program, which includes:

  • Establishing an engineering roadmap, which is led by requirements for sustainable digital finance and impact tokenization use cases.
  • Participating in the development of consensus standards and protocols for sustainable decentralised finance applications for the Cosmos SDK and ‘Impact Stack’ (building on the work of ixo, Regen and others).
  • Contributing to core Cosmos SDK development, which provides the opportunity to work in close collaboration with the core SDK team and contributors.Engaging research and technical requirements-gathering for digital Identity and sovereign data systems in the Cosmos context, in collaboration with engineering teams from technology partners in the program.
  • Developing technical specifications, led by use-case requirements, for mainstream adoption of Cosmos applications by end-users in local communities.
  • Contributing to UX and client application development, to solve barriers to user adoption, such as key management, and access to blockchain applications using mobile technology.
  • Reviewing Cosmos SDK ADRs for sustainability implications.
  • Participating in the development and implementation of Token Engineering models, in collaboration with the ICF crypto-economics engineering lead joint appointment with BlockScience (which will build on prior and ongoing work of BlockScience, such as Community Inclusion Currencies, ixo Risk-adjusted bonding, etc.Developing IBC cross-chain sustainable digital finance applications and decentralized impact exchanges.Developing educational tools and capacity development for Cosmos developers, as part of the Cosmos Builders Program.
  • Leading hackathons to promote sustainable digital finance innovation.Growing and supporting a community of software and application developers who have an interest in building sustainable digital finance applications on Cosmos.
  • Commissioning grant-funded engineering projects and supporting the teams who are implementing these technology developments.

Also available

In addition to the Lead Engineer position, ixo is also recruiting mid-level Cosmos blockchain engineers, to work on the ixo-Cosmos Internet of Impact and related client applications.