Impact Market Relayers

Build your own
Impact Market Platform

Are you an Impact Creator? Does your organisation address a geographic or sector-specific marketplace, with products and services which could be taken to the next level, using the Internet of Impact?

We invite you to join the Impact Market Relayers Launchpad.
You will receive support from the ixo team to understand how you can transform your Ecosystem Vision into a Sustainable Impact Economy platform.
Using tools such as the Impact Market Relayer Design Canvas to create your strategy and the The Impact Creator Studio for rapid prototyping.

By joining the Launchpad you have the opportunity to engage your stakeholders with new forms of incentives and new mechanisms to support your cause.

Successful candidates in the Launchpad campaign will receive funding and technical support to fast-track their implementation of a Relayer Node in the Internet of Impact Hub, with a custom web portal and powerful frameworks for building your own applications and services for Impact financing, service delivery, agent management, verification, reporting, optimisation, and Impact Token issuance.