The Internet of Impacts

Count what Matters / Value what Counts


Proving Impacts

The ixo Protocol defines a new standard for making Verifiable Impact Claims to measure and report on how people and organisations are changing the state of the world, using high-definition data as evidence.

Claims are independently evaluated and verified by trusted Prediction Oracle services that issue Impact Proofs and certified digital credentials. These certified digital assets replace or enhance legacy instruments, such as Verified Emission Reduction Certificates.

Impact Producers use their verified data, proofs and certified credentials, to mint non-fungible Impact Credits.


Verify changes in the state of the world


Optimising Impacts

Prediction Oracle services are delivered by domain experts and agents with data-centric AI capabilities, to provide investors and project implementers with the Impact intelligence and proofs they need, to achieve optimal outcomes and financial results.

Oracles evaluate and verify claims, prescribe and personalise interventions, support planning, predict risks, and help to detect and protect against threats.

Oracles service fees are automatically transacted, distributed and accounted for through the ixo blockchain ledger.


Respond with intelligence and precision


Financing Impacts

Alphabonds are the world's first adaptive financing mechanism for programming capital into social, environmental, economic, and climate outcomes.

This versatile decentralised financing mechanism automates market-making and dynamically adjusts parameters, such as token supply and prices, in response to real-world risk and performance signals.


Program capital for results


Valuing Impacts

Digital Impact Credits represent any certified outcome state in the real world that people care about, are willing to invest in, work towards, or spend their money on.

These units of certified outcomes are used to finance projects and grow the regenerative Impacts Economy. They are also used to offset social, environmental, economic, or climate debts, such as the Greenhouse Gas emissions generated by an organisation.

Digital Assets such as Carbon Credits, Biodiversity Credits, Education Credits, or Health Credits can be built into almost any financial transaction, capital allocation, government expenditure, business process, or consumer product.


Grow regenerative wealth in the Impacts Economy


Governing Impacts

The highly advanced DAO decision-making and governance tools provided by ixo enable networks of organisations and groups  of agents to establish cooperative ventures, manage shared resources, and work towards common goals.

Executable proposals enable automation of business processes and can be programmed to perform almost any imaginable function – including AI agent capabilities.

The Impacts DAO Cooperative and Launchpad demonstrate how this is being done to invest in technology development and market adoption for the Internet of Impacts ecosystem.


Coordinate self-governing groups of people and AI agents


Producing Impacts

Tokenise the rights of ownership, financial benefits, access, and usage of Impact-producing physical or virtual real-world entities, such as solar panels, clean cookstoves, water infrastructure, or land concessions.

Tokenised entities are encoded as digital twins with provable identity credentials, rights, digital services, linked resources, accounts, administrative and governance mechanisms.

These digital assets can dynamically grow in value over time as they accumulate certified outcomes, revenues,  Impact Credits and data.