Digital Platform for Clean Cooking

The end-to-end solution for scaling access to modern energy cooking


The Berkeley Recommendations

Best Practices

Berkeley Carbon Trading Project has published one of the most comprehensive and critical analyses of cookstove carbon projects. They have come up with a set of 3 recommendations, which ixo’s digital platform is deeply aligned with:

Distribute healthy stoves

They point out that only the cleanest burning stoves (Tier 4 or 5 on a 5-tier scale) produce a significant reduction in health risks, compared with baseline cooking solutions such as firewood and charcoal. One of the healthy stoves listed, the Mimi Moto stove, is currently used to generate carbon credits on the ixo platform.

Use Gold Standard Metered Methodology

This methodology is based on measured or metered usage; for example, how many biomass pellets a particular stove user has purchased. This provides a far more accurate proxy for usage (and thus impact and carbon credits) than random sample surveys, which are most commonly used in other methodologies to estimate usage.
The ixo digital platform has implemented this methodology. In fact, each Carbon certificate shows in granular detail all the parameter values that have been used in the calculations.

Use accurate and conservative values for calculating emission reductions

We currently use values from corresponding Gold Standard programs and are closely following the evolving science around the complex and multi-faceted factors mentioned. For example, we are paying attention to the latest fNRB study commissioned by the UNFCCC, and are ready to adopt or change our methods accordingly.

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Cookstove inventory asset management
Customer onboarding with digital credentials
Digital payments and customer incentives
Digital claims processing and verification
Automated, real-time self certification of Impacts
Digital Carbon Credits issuance and retirement
Marketplace and asset portfolio manager
Project Financing


The Digital Flywheel

We offer a mechanism for upfront financing by selling digital twins of clean cookstoves. These digital twins grant owners the rights to future Impact Credits generated by the stove. This innovative financing approach enables clean cooking projects to scale rapidly, allowing the deployment of two additional cookstoves to households for each digital twin sold.


Access an Ecosystem to Leapfrog Emerging Economies

  • Offers an open ecosystem platform for emerging economy households to access services such as micro-credit loans and parametric risk insurance.
  • The ixo Jambo Mobile Web application developer platform and dApp store are deeply integrated with the Opera Mobile browser and makes it simple to develop custom applications that are localised to the emerging household setting.
  • Enables the circular household economy with direct customer ownership of cookstove NFTs and the rights to their carbon credit generation. Provides a direct onramp to decentralised finance and the digital economy.