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Internet of Impacts

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Sense and verify change based on ground-truth

Renewable Energy


Impact Claims

The ixo Protocol defines the new standard for making Verifiable Impact Claims about how people and organisations are changing the state of the world, using high-definition data as evidence.

Claims are independently verified by trusted Prediction Oracle services, who issue Impact Proofs and certified digital credentials. These digital assets replace or enhance legacy instruments, such as Verified Emission Reduction Certificates.

Impact Producers use their verified data, proofs and certified credentials, to mint non-fungible Impact Tokens.

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Respond with intelligence and precision


Prediction Oracles

Prediction Oracle Services, delivered by verification experts and AI systems give investors and impact producers the verified data, proofs and intelligence to optimise their financial and impact returns.

Oracles perform proofing of claims, prescribe and personalise interventions, support investment planning, predict risks, and help detect and protect against threats.

Oracles service fees are automatically distributed and accounted for by the ixo blockchain ledger.

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Program capital for both financial returns and Impact results


Regenerative Finance (ReFi)

Alphabonds are the world's first cyber-physical mechanism to program capital for sustainable results.

This highly versatile Decentralised Finance mechanism automates market-making and dynamically adjusts parameters such as token supply and prices, in response to real-world risk signals.

Alphabonds are built into the Internet of Impacts as a core blockchain service to power the next generation of  Regenerative Finance applications, such as tokenised Impact Bonds, Green Bonds, Community Currencies and other financing innovations that respond to real-world state changes.

Grow resilient local economies

Coordinate people and capital


Impact DAOs

Impact DAOs are the leading sustainability organisations and impact market-makers across all geographic regions and sectors of the Impact economy.

Impact DAOs build marketplaces on the Internet of Impacts to provide scalable, incentivised mechanisms for stakeholders to building products and services.

Impact DAOs provide online and physical market channels for Impact investors and implementers to connect with credentialed agents, applications, oracles, services, data and financial capital.

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Build sustainable and regenerative Impact Economies


Impact Tokens

Impact Tokens are valuable, tradable, non-fungible digital assets.

Impact Tokens represent any verified outcome state in the real world that people care about, are willing to invest in, work towards, or spend their money on.

Impact Tokens can be built into any financial transaction, capital allocation, government expenditure, business process, or consumer product.