Products & Services

Built for the Internet of Impact


Impact Wallet

  • Create your sovereign Impact Identity and keep your personal credentials private.
  • Connect to projects and submit claims.
  • Manage portfolios of Sustainable DeFi investments, Impact Tokens, and staking positions.
  • Make and receive secure crypto payments.
  • Get guidance from a personal AI Assistant.


Impact Hub & Zones

The Impact Hub is the public blockchain backbone of The Internet of Impact.
Inter-connecting local and application specific sovereign Impact Zones.

Nodes of the hub are hosted by leading sustainability organisations and impact market-makers across all sectors and geographic regions.

The Impact Hub routes through the Cosmos Hub, to connect users into the rapidly growing universe of blockchains, with bridges to Ethereum and other major networks.

Get in touch with the ixo team to learn more about how your organisation can set up a Market Relayer Node or Impact Zone


Impact Marketplace Portal

  • An open-source web application platform for building your own custom impact management, investment and marketplace portal on the Internet of Impact.
  • The Internet of Impact Explorer displays searchable portfolios of organisations, projects, oracle services, investments, assets and libraries of templates. With built-in mechanisms for your users to build and offer their products and services into your geographic or sector-specific market.
  • Users get powerful analytics dashboards and tools to coordinate their agents, source services, receive funding, process claims, make payments, issue investment bonds, manage portfolios of digital assets, and mint tradable Impact Tokens. With full ownership and non-custodial control of their identity, data and assets.
  • Prediction Oracle providers use the platform to offer their services, contract with investors and project implementers, evaluate claims, deliver value-adding services, issue verifiable digital credentials and get paid.
  • The platform includes a fully customisable contextual AI assistant, with a programmable Actions server to configure your business logic and integrate web services. A Control Panel extends the capabilities of each platform with pluggable third-party Web 2.0 and Web3 applications.


Launchpad hosts a virtual accelerator for Impact Market Relayers to build and deploy custom portals, applications and services for their target markets.

Stakeholders select which candidates should receive funding and a fast-track 🚀 ticket, by staking IXO to vote.

Get rewarded a yield of up to 20% in IXO Tokens, if your vote is successful.

Contact the ixo team to join the Relayer Launchpad and discover how to build your own Impact Market platform.


Impact Studio

  • The ixo Impact Studio is an easy to use, template-driven interface for impact creators to launch organisations, projects, oracle services, investments, collections of impact tokens and claim templates through Impact Marketplace Portals.  
  • The Studio application suite includes an open-source configuration tool for training the ixo contextual AI Assistant to handle custom conversations and workflows for different use-cases, with a programmable Actions Server for building powerful workflows and service integrations. Deploys through the ixo web and mobile client user interfaces.
  • Draw from a growing library of shared templates and resources for setting up projects, issuing investments, making standardised claims , or minting collections of Impact Tokens. Use the Studio to build your own custom templates and offer these to the market, with the option of charging usage fees which are transacted through the automated blockchain payment mechanism. Contribute claim templates for standardised indicator frameworks and evaluation rubrics, and share what has worked for your organisation.
  • Access a marketplace of data assets for analytics and machine learning, or offer your data for others to use on a consented, access-controlled basis, with built-in data rights management and optional usage fees.
  • Help build the tooling for Precision Oracles, such as Jupyter Notebooks, AI algorithms, analytical methods, and data service integrations such as geo-spatial satellite imagery.


Oracle Foundry

We are preparing to launch a funding and skills marketplace to invest in the ecosystem of projects developing oracle services and related technologies for the Internet of Impact.

Projects will be able to issue Innovation Bonds, using the Alphabond Sustainable DeFi mechanism. Stakeholders will be able to invest in these technology innovations, by staking IXO tokens to collateralise loans, or offer grant funding which is linked to verifiable results.

Get in touch if you are interested in partnering with ixo to invest in the Internet of Impact technologies ecosystem.



The ixo Protocol Blockchain implements the Tendermint consensus engine and builds on the Cosmos SDK.

Validator nodes of the Internet of Impact Hub operate this software and are secured by delegated Proof of Stake (dPoS). Autonomous Impact Zones networks can establish their own governance and security models .

The ixo blockchain SDK includes custom modules for Token Bonding (Alphabonds, AMM for token swaps, and generic bonding curve libraries), a Payments Module, Projects Module  processing claims, NFT Module and Interchain Identifier Module for digital Identifiers.

Self-sovereign digital identity is built into the blockchain, based on the W3C DID specification, to enable compliant transactions which meet institutional and regulatory compliance standards.


The Decentralised Impact Exchange

A global decentralised marketplace platform for trading and financing sustainable digital commodities, such as non-fungible Impact Tokens.

This non-custodial exchange will be operated by the network of independent Market Relayers who host the nodes of the Internet of Impact Hub.

The Impact Exchange platform will include a decentralised exchange (DEX) for swapping pairs of fungible token assets from any Internet of Impact network zone and will connect through to the Cosmos Hub DEX to access cross-network liquidity. Facilitating secondary markets for assets such as Alphabond share tokens.

Self-Sovereign Digital Identity and Verifiable Credentials, implemented as core capabilities of the ixo blockchain, will enable token issuers to meet rigorous compliance and due diligence requirements.